Welcome to Shadow of Iris

Were you born for perfection? We think the light turned up too high, only burns the retina. Contrast is an art, and sometimes the most beautiful shades of this world can only be seen in the night. Shadow of Iris is a journey into the darker aspects of our lives, in the hope, that against such a backdrop we might discover the greater aspects of our souls. Shadow of Iris is about a variety of hope that arises only amidst despair—it's an exploration of the willingness to meet the rock bottom head on and yet still decide to act out of compassion and selfless love.

Shadow of Iris is less of a blog and more of a series of poem-themed pages continuously being updated to achieve what's desired. We're fallible creatures, and this will take some time. If you want to register your approval of our work, then you need to subscribe. Without readers our words are simply empty echoes in the deep woods—let us know you are out there!

About Shadow of Iris

All poems on Shadow of Iris are original. We ask that you do not copy them. Shadow of Iris is published and edited by Matt Dioguardi. Content is written by the editor and friends of the editor. With only very few exceptions, all poems are published under pseudonyms. One reason for this is because the pseudonyms often help to reflect the nature of the poem. While sometimes the pseudonyms are used only once, some of our favorite pseudonyms are used on several different pages. We want you to treat these pseudonyms the way you might treat a character in a novel. Please give them a chance to evolve! If you have questions about Shadow of Iris, please contact the editor via email.
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one." ― John Lennon