Hidden Shrine

Love’s Gift

If I, like love, the clouds might rift
O’er poesy’s hidden shrine,
I’d kneel in her presence, her veil uplift.
Ah! henceforth forever she’s mine,
She is mine!
Henceforth and forever she’s mine!

For poesy ever is love’s purest gift,
Precious gift;
And yet, like these lines, she is thine;
And still, like myself, she is thine, –
Love’s gift, truly thine.

From Hawthorn Blossoms by Emily Thornton Charles

Marsh-Bloom, a poem by Voltairine de Cleyre


To Gaetano Bresci

Requiem, requiem, requiem,
Blood-red blossom of poison stem
Broken for Man,
Swanmp-sunk leafage and dungeon-bloom,
Seeded bearer of royal doom,
What now is the ban?

What to thee is the island grave?
With desert wind and desolate wave
Will they silence Death?
Can they weight thee now with the heaviest stone?
Can they lay aught on thee with “Be alone,”
That hast conquered breath?

Lo, “it is finished” — a man for a king!
Mark you well who have done this thing:
The flower has roots;
Bitter ang rank grow the things of the sea;
Ye shall know what sap ran thick in the tree
When ye pluck its fruits.

Requiem, requiem, requiem,
Sleep on, sleep on, accused of them
Who work our pain;
A wild Marsh-blonnom shall blow again
From a buried root in the slime of men,
On the day of the Great Red Rain.

Philadelphia, July 1901

Italian anarchist Gaetano Bresci assassinated King Umberto in 1900

zebra poems

Here are two poems about zebras, the first by me, and then the other an old classic. You’ll also find some fund zebra quotes here.

My Zebra Poem

Zebra Stripes
Zebra stripes move and shift,
my feet carry me in long lifts
yet they give me short shrift;
dash as quick I may
I never catch my prey;
simple pattern-camouflage
always let’s them dodge;
it’s those zebra stripes
that escape my snipes;
I can’t tell one from the other,
where starts the mother,
where ends the brother;
it’s all just zebra stripes
and never are they my types;
I’m color blind and in a bind
lost among the wavy lines;
and even as my fingers type,
I frown and slide down
a gently sloped zebra stripe.

by matt at shadow of iris


A Classic Zebra Poem

The Zebras

From the dark woods that breathe of fallen showers,
Harnessed with level rays in golden reins,
The zebras draw the dawn across the plains
Wading knee-keep among the scarlet flowers.
The sunlight, zithering their flanks with fire,
Flashes between the shadows as they pass
Barred with electric tremors through the grass
Like wind along the gold strings of a lyre.
Into the flushed air snorting rosy plumes
That smoulder round their feet in drifting fumes,
With dove-like voices call the distant fillies,
While round the herds the stallion wheels his flight,
Engine of beauty volted with delight,
To roll his mare among the trampled lilies.

by Roby Campbell (1902 – 1957)

Zebra Quotes

Neither must we have the muse of poetry contumacious and conceited, snuffing up the wind like the wild zebra of the desert, mocking at the hunger, and scorning the cry of the driver.
– various

The tiger, the panther, and other variegated animals have their beauty: but the zebra, I think, is rather a curious, than a picturesque animal. It’s streaked sides injure it both in point of color, and in delineation of its form.
– William Gilpin

But each associates, and is please with all;
So grave the dappled deer in numerous droves,
And all his kind alike the zebra loves;
The same law governs where the the billows roar,
And proteus’ shoals o’erspread the desert shore …

– William Cowper, Esq.

Proud cities! hives of prouder men,
What are ye now? – th’ Hyaena’s den; –
With hoof unshod the Zebra bounds
O’er prone Palmyra’s mouldering mounds.

– Charles Caleb Colton

He bade thee paint the peacock’s train –
The zebra’s pencilled side –
Wave in teh courser’s flowing mane –
And gild the insect’s pride.

– Rival Sisters

Bother the zebra stripes. I don’t believe there’s no such things.
– Mrs. Betsey Prig

One can readily see, says a correspondent of Nature, how the shadows of the branches in a tropical forest, falling upon the zebras, would so intermingle with the stripes of the animals as to add enormously to the difficulties of recognition by human eyes …
– various

How do a zebra’s stripes act as camouflage?


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