flow of life, a poem

And frames unworn by mortal pain: Such was the bright and genial flow of life with us, ten years ago! – unknown

flow of life

Flow of Life

We hunt around
in the muck and dirt
of memory
looking for some semblance
of meaning
a revelation
that will explain to us
our soul.

Fallen ice cream cones,
parental slights,
a small piece of the puzzle,
just a figment
forced into the whole.

Darker images cloud
over us
and then pass us by,
sometimes too hard to take.

Put on the radio,
watch tv
mellow out and forget.

The forward flow of life,
a potent drug
that keeps us from remembering
all we’d sworn not to forget.

by matt at shadow of iris

Flow of life quotes

And now what laughing and screaming! What rolling and tumbling! What a gnashing flow of life and merriment! What giggling!
– unknown

One year, one year, one little year, and so much gone!And yet the even flow of life moves calmly on. The grave grows green, the flowers bloom fair above the head; No sorrowing tint of leaf or spray say he is dead.
– Henry Stebbing

He impresses upon whatever scens he describes so much movement and activity, – he infuses into his narrative such a flow of life, and, if we may so express ourselves, of animal spirits, that without satisfying the judgment, or moving the feelings, or elevating the mind, or even very greatly interesting the curiosity, eh is able to seize upon, and, as it were, exhilrating the imagination of his readers, in a manner which is often truly unaccountable.
– John Gibson

Poems & Stuff — January 31, 2009

poetry: five haiku

if you see a man
with a purple dotted sash
then best leave him be

brittle long weeds wave
at me, as a breeze begins
to blow through your hair

a touch of red drips
down the back of my knuckle
I want summer now

four layers I wear
yet still this cold sweeps through me
fingers still immobile

these are matters which
appear explicable thus

– Marya Ophir