a poem for sophia

like gods
falling from the sky
a dime a dozen
folly is unleashed
upon the world
where should i find myself
amidst it all
but in the center.

Poetry is a madness
spreading silently
through the brain
an empty feeling
that scars my heart
i understand none of it
fate and mercy
the sound of fate
thump, thump, thump
don’t ask me to explain
i try and i try and i try
and i can’t
life like a dream
the more you say it
the more i like it.

I’d tell you
i’d done it all for you
that neither heaven nor hell
could keep me from you
but truth be told
if i ever really found you
gained you
had you
i’d run as fast
as my legs could carry me
away from you.

– matt at shadow of iris

poem: the saint

Once long ago
i heard there was this man
a living saint
and all proclaimed his name
he sang his sermons
in a cheerful manner
to all who came his way
so intrigued was i
that i traveled far
so that i could see him
airplane and boat
taxi and bicycle
and finally i was there
in front of him
he sang a brilliant song
as none i’ve ever heard before
nor again
it was a sad song
and moved me to cry
by and by
when the chance came
for me to catch his ear
so that only he could hear
i asked him
how could you smile
when you sing such a sad song ?
he paused a moment reflectively
then told me plaintively
but it’s all just a lie –
to which i said
the song or the smile ?
for the briefest sliver of instant
his smile went to a smirk
but recovering he said
why both of course
and he laughed
and he winked an eye
that was the last i saw of him.

– matt at shadow of iris

poem: how i see in you

It is to be deplored
what they said of you
so little is ever really known
and they judged you too lightly
all their research was misdirected
no one bothered even once
to look into your eyes
how profoundly ignorant
what a terrible waste
mythology and poetry
alive in you
a breathing soul, a lyric gem
come here and hold me
let them strain to render into words
the impossible struggles of a human heart
your heart
they’ll fail to capture
the fresh breezes
the craggy mountains
the deep waters
but here with you
i’ll take them in
you offer them to me
small tokens of your love
sincere and mighty
i see that much in you
that much
and more.

– marya ophir

poem: net stream ii

You buzz around me
like a fly
and i can’t take it
you’re drowning in lake jocassee
and i tell you it’s all your fault
it’s an uptick rule
not a downtick rule
you made it that way not me
you think it’s ash wednesday
so i’ll let it slide
no i don’t think so
you’re the biggest loser
and you deserve your losses
twist my words if you want
push your nihilism upon me
tell me about mega millions
lottery chances and the like
but i’ll not be persuaded
okay, okay
i’ll go to st patrick’s cathedral
yes i will
and i’ll say a prayer for you
heck, i’ll even recite
the seven aphorisms of summan
just go, i’ll be fine
i’ll take the air tran home
across rachael ramona’s yard
and when i get back home
i’ll hope you’re not here
i really will
but if you are
i know what it’ll happen
i’ll hear it again and again
rihanna was pregnant
chris matthews has a secret rockband
yeah, yeah, yeah
now thank you and
just go away.

– amanda lynn

poem: plea to hathor

Magnificent cow goddess
creating and rearing all things
whether they be great or small
you are perpetually conceiving
you are the mother of my father
you are be daughter of my son
you are mother of every god
your milk flows among the stars
it nourishes the gods
you are
the lady of heaven
the lady of earth
the lady of hell
for all abodes make a place for you
i know that as the eye of Ra
nothing escapes your notice
not only are you a friend of pregnant woman
and a sympathetic midwife
but an ally of lovers and beautiful women
so I call upon you
please help me
the one i wish to reach
is now beyond my grasp
to a place where only you can go
so find my lost love
and breath a little life upon her soul
tell her that i loved her
and yet still love her
tell her i have forgotten nothing
and one day soon
when the stars allow it
i will join her
and we will be together
once again.

– marya ophir