poem: fool’s faith

Dreams overwhelmed you
so you set out on journey
far from home
you thought the answer
lie in a poem
the greater the fool
the greater the folly
too many roads
too many choices
a precipice
you at its edge

silence as adoration
a wolf on a leash
a dwarf soul
abstractions you cannot draw together
stray thoughts colliding
a precipice
you at its edge

muddled impulses
pull you in too many directions
till you are lost in them
an abandoned self
the self you set out to find
a precipice
you at its edge

step off
take the plunge
uncharted terrain
only a fool knows
only a fool would go
a precipice
you at its edge

shadows known as silence
melt away
and the sun rises
a yellow rose for your soul
a wolf on a leash
mortal and divine
a hero for your soul

sorrows pass like shadows
and leave untempered joy –
the act of adoration
so much light
it obscures
so much knowledge
it blinds

press your finger to your lips
here the gods whisper secrets
leap to a new birth
trust in a fool’s faith.

– matt at shadowofiris

poem: waiting

Your time is limited
fingers slide over a keyboard
wanting to move
to type
just so as to feel the pressure
of your fingertips against the keys
to hear the mashing sound
click, click, click
but the vision has not come
it’s fog
it fights to surface
something else pushes it down
a contest between inner
and outer soul
a vague form
you cannot see it
not yet
something becoming
an idea not yet formed
for now you must wait.

– matt at shadow of iris

poem: where have you gone?

You offer me the the entire world
i say nothing
you respond to my silence
with a scream
angrily anticipating unsaid scorn
we argue, i scream
i’m sick and tired
sick and tired of you
you go to the vanity by the window
away from me
you brush your hair
pretending not to see me
then the explosion
a car crash
an atomic bomb
with fear i turn away
and it washes over me
over my back
blindness saves me
it’s over and i look again
and you are gone –
out by the window
a spirit flits by
but returns
to pause but for an instant
and look directly at me
as my heart stops
as tears well up in my eyes
i want to ask
where have you gone?

– matt at shadow of iris

poem: baby tears

A baby crying
what troubles you ?
what draws your tears ?
in twenty years
more or less
you’ll have an explanation
it’ll all be understood
those tears will be gone
and you’ll wonder
what they were for
you’ll miss those tears
you’ll want them back.

– matt at shadow of iris

poem: last moment

Life has frozen around me
there isn’t the slightest sign of movement
a new form of life
still life
mannequin life
everyone a mannequin
this is what the world will look like
when the bomb explodes
you frozen in eternity
with mouth hanging open
one leg swinging back
arms a flutter
all ready to topple over
and shatter
into a thousand fragments
at the last moment.

— idol wannabe