poem: the magician’s shadow

the magician’s shadow

Study the remains
of native religious literature
and find forgotten potentials;
take the fragments
and bring them together
you’ll find
a shadow on the wall.

Wine will spill
and trickle off the table
as the wind blows
and vines shiver;
the roses will be aglow
and cast a glimmer
on your blade ready to strike
the unseen enemy,
the shadow on the wall

Credit taken,
never given;
maxed out,
a dull club
that pounds you daily;
all this you sweep aside,
a new image forming,
it’s that shadow on the wall

A flicker on the screen
says the truth it out there;
a fax streams through
the message in an old script,
not occult, just forgotten
you’re beginning to get it;
the shadow on the wall

Hermes by your window
tapping gently;
Thoth clearing his throat
to get your attention
you’re knee deep in it now
and there’s no going back;
the spirits of old
have come out to play
and they dance around you
that’s your shadow on the wall.

Spells, enchantments, formulas,
words of power,
they’ll bind you, if you let them,
so put them all aside
find your way,
an eternal way;
from an intuition
let there be a revelation;
a path revealed;
the transmitter and transmitted
becoming one.

The shadow on the wall
now bright and orange
is the inner dimensions
of your truth;
only your truth
is the truth
now writ large
your shadow on the wall.