quote i

The psychological state of being in love could be described as an obsession complex.
– C.G. Jung

The key part of this sentence is the “could be”.


Dreams fade
and dreams return
early morning dreams.

Soft pillow
beneath your head
you sinking into it
an arm around your shoulder.

Vague hesitation
a secret world at your doorstep
a single thought away.

Emotional inhibition
ideological obstruction
lay me gently on the bed
whisper intimate secrets
velvet covered steel

The knees shake
the heart pounds
the face flushes
somatic innervations
countless body sensations
falling into time — again
a streak of perspiration
a wry twist
a catching smile
village bells chiming
somewhere far off.

Each lock of hair
a yellow bouncing curl
that tortures me exquisitely.

Psychic manifestations
synchronous chains of associations
alterations of the will
a strange power
nervous energy mounting up
hands moving over the warmness

Painful reminiscences
hallucinatory delirium
autochthonous ideas
sudden impulses
hands dipping into solid softness.

Mouth parted
ordinary words
that never emerge
stimulus words that hit a complex
a striking effect
sinking into amnesia
little gasps of pleasure along the way.

– suraab

early autumn haiku

Shadows grow down in
the valley, while mountains bathe
in twilight orange.

– matt at shadow of iris