the miracle of love

Arbitrary schemes
mythical formulations
states and processes
naïve realism
the dead abbreviation of life
how it all pales before you.

Philosophical speculations
the boundless caprice of imagination
fraud and illusion
the darkening shadow, drawing ever near
inarticulate achievements
vanity dancing on the tip of needle
you can have it
all I want is you.

The aura of your soul
set against a dark world
makes you
a companion to the stars
my guiding light.

My love for you is rooted
in its own inner lawfulness
the totality of my being
labors only on your behalf
I for you alone.

Objects and actions
melt into each other
undifferentiated total experience
I and you as one
the miracle of love.

– Nagel Styr

form and soul

Your soul flows
through the vocal rapids
each word ready to wreck you
yet defining the path you take
form writ large over the span.

– matt at shadow of iris

word collage — urban spirit

Now and again
the same dreams
haunting me.

A drenching warm heat
the hum of the human swarm
a cluster of progeny
complex and monstrous.

Digging nails into flesh
bare heels in the sunshine
outcries of amazement
the brink of a cool spring.

The tickle of the tongue
long deep sighing
sliding neatly into place
lured beyond the gate.

Whimpering sounds of protest
the strong full pulse
embryonic development
the song of the cicada.

The hazy languor of your eyes
a fused cell
ignorance of myself.

Nuzzle my cheek
slumber peacefully
grammar, syntax, arithmetic
the manner of our death.

Backwards and forwards
indolent dogmatism
an act of conception
the flower of polite learning.

Tantalizing brush of lips
remnants of a beaten army
a trillion cell massive apparatus
spooks and demons.

Moving sensuously over flesh
sylvan arches draped in long moss
the ghost of an idea
the height of urban spirit.

– suraab

then you are gone

You whisper in my ears
tell me things
you think I ought to know
secrets that will save me
but I can’t ever hear them.

Crouching always singing
dreams sweep past me
so fast I’ll never see them.

Age creeping through my veins
infesting me
hardening my heart
till I’m like a stone
a statue in a park

Years go by
too much pain, I think
so I stay frozen
watching the seasons pass
one by one
faster each time round
falling leaves and snow around my feet
blending with the flowers.

So it happens one day
that you are there
not the old you but a new you
a youthful you
studying with pity my marble face
with the soft warm tip of you finger
you trace the outline of my lips
and follow this up very gently with a kiss
my seams crack
I’m coming apart
then you are gone.

– matt at shadow of iris


A skirt down around the knees
a lusty stallion rearing up
superficial associations
the vague nuances of a dream.

Affliction and recrudescence
indistinct and subsidiary
I’m waiting for you
you’ll never come
less time reverse itself
and from the dust
emerge the mountains.

A married couple lying in bed
a body tied round with straps
intimate hopes and expectations
already played out
the complexities of ambition
the rash pace of the lover
now just experiments in distraction
colloquial speech
expressions of grand confusion.

as you were.

A private kingdom
where I can’t follow.

The essence of you
I’ll never capture
how long were you there
all of ten minutes
it was those eyes
so dark, so moving, so clear, so alive
how pathetic I sound
age, wrinkles, lips drawn in,
badly painted lipstick
yet in the outlines of that face
even as the skin had begun to bag up
I could see what you were
twenty years ago
and it pained me terribly
to wonder at what could have been
and see what there was now.

An open glade
a gentle breeze
trees older than time itself
laughing with the mountains,
sharing a private joke –
I’m left riddled.

– suraab