fireflies, a poem

They had met to talk,
to some how overcome
all that had gone on between them;
but when they met
under the fading orange sky –
they found
that all that they could do
was to just stand there
to even face the other.

But as they gazed out
over the darks waters
of the lake,
the darkening scenery
began to twinkle,
and it was as if
the fireflies were coming together
and spelling out a message for them –
reminding them
that there were still mysteries
left unsolved
between the two of them
and that there always would be.

At the very same time,
they turned towards one another
and without any words at all
they let the heavy past
that had burdened them so
slip away;
and they found their way back
into each other’s arms.

– matt at shadow of iris

red lamp, a poem

A red lamp,
always on
yet never seen
until the sky grows dim
and the whispers call,
sweet nothings
leading you down a street
that pulls on you,
volition not your own;
pleasures forlorn
that only leave you

– matt at shadow of iris
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dry bones, a poem

dry bones, a poem

that have faces
but no eyes
whisper secrets
you thought no one knew.

tinged with melancholy
about a time that was
but now will never be.

Heavy hearts that sag
and feel the weight
of actions taken
then regretted;
the past, a frozen thing

Places in the heart
lost and waiting,
take my hand
and lead it towards the light;
a truth outside the truth
always lost.

Dry bones
out in the desert
still searching
for that water.

I don’t know
who you are
so I try to face you
and to make you feel
not ashamed.

Dry bones
out in the desert
still searching
for some love.

by matt at shadow of iris