Dirty Pretty Things Owner

    The prisons of the mind can be deceptive in safety
    more comforting than the unnavigable currents of life

    Solace can be found there
    do not linger too long lest you forget how to adventure
    – from The Pendulum

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Klaire at Finding Elegance

    water falls from the rumbling sky,
    raindrops calm summer’s burnt skin, 
    cool, humid air rushes into warm lungs,
    carrying earthy flavor
    – from petrichor

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Billy Jones, a poet

    Cellphones ring insipid tones,
    Beethoven rolls over to shake his bones,
    refried rock on the PA plays
    songs worn out like yesterday’s
    bad news– too long it will stay,
    and so is life– a thousand songs
    to jumble in the fray.

– From Drivel

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