voices vi

Nine single lines from nine poets off nine blogs, click on the links!

crouching in the damp and musty corner
Falling Plum Poetry: Soul Lent

browning the pink
-the sound of splinters-: camellia

it’s not about catching fish anyway
a bewildering search: fish story

Me and my sister – through the hole we do spy
Gaurang’s Poems: Poem 140 – Kaleidoscopes

and then you’ll be sorry. Penny-pinching old bastard,
Knocking From Inside: Burnt Toast

lyrics traced there, penned in ebony with sharpie on spackle, singing:
A Confused Poet: Fishing

not to sweep those warm eyes
Wonderingments: Hey there

He strangled himself before flying out into the air.
Gawdeepah by Sheena: I Choose Love

No explanation at noon is needed
Eyewear: New Poem by Todd Swift