poems about light

Here are some poems about light. There are sunny sonnets, luminous lyrics, rich rhymes, and bright ballads. Enjoy!

poems of light
River of Light by Frederic Edwin Church

Light, a poem
by matt at shadow of iris

Her fever had been a concern for all
but it was not until the third day
that she had begun to shed light;
during the day
it was only the faintest glow under a shady tree
and you really couldn’t see it in the sunlight
but at night when the lamps were off
she had begun to ignite the entire room into a pale faery fire
and even after the fever had finally been broken
this continued for several weeks
much to the delight of her younger sisters.

poems of light
Street Light by Giacomo Balla

Light, a poem
by Edward Holland

Go forth! said the sun, to a ray of Light
That for aeons had lain on its breast.
“Of light and life from world to world
Be thou the bearer blest.”

Down past the morning star it flew,
And lighted on earth. On the glistening dew,
Reflected here, refracted there,
It shimmered and glistened everywhere.

It visited all the haunts of men:
Looked into misery’s noisome den;
Lost in the city’s filth and mire.
Found again in the furnace-fire —
Refracted here, reflected there,
It shimmered and glistened everywhere.

It told the tale of hate and scorn;
It dyed the rosy clouds of morn;
It shone on many a precious gem;
It gleamed on a royal diadem;
It bore love’s glance to beauty’s eyes ;
It painted evening’s purple skies;
It glanced along the polar snow,
And lingered in the tropic’s glow;
And cleaving again the vault of blue,
From star to star it onward flew,
Where the vision of man can never pierce,
To the nebulous pales of the universe.
Bearing light and life wherever it went,
It again returns from whence ’twas sent,
Where rest eternal ends its wearied flight-
In the life of life, in the light of light!

Light of the Shambhala by Nicholas Roerich

Light, a poem
by Homer Potter Branch

As the wavering gleams of the moonlight
Dart o’er the beautiful sheen of the dewy plain’s
Expanse, searching out each little flower
That they may give fresh richness to its small
Life, and beauty to its hue, by kissing
The bloom that night-time hides, so the kindly
Smiles that play unforced upon upon the faces
Of those dear to us do beam into our
Souls and kiss back to a holier warmth
The fading radiance of kind regard
And true friendship that may be for a time
Completely overcast with Sorrow’s night.

poems about light
The Miracle of Light While Flying by Gerardo Dottori

Light, a poem
by Ezra P. Chittenden

The emblematic little flower
That droops in shade of night
Looks sweetly up in tears of dew,
All sparkling in the light.

Thou sorrowing soul on troubled sea,
Beneath a mourning sail,
Like snow-flakes on the winged wind
Within a murmuring gale.

Lift up thy faith, when shadows fall
You try in vain to clear,
For, when you’ve done your very all,
A guiding hand is near.

When crushed in tears of bitter wrong
And memory cites the face
Of some loved one beyond the vale,
In tranquil look of grace.

And calm repose no words can tell.
Comes from this angel, light;
O! spirit, born from spirit land
Beyond the shores of night!

Didst thou from God’s own hand come down
The weary one to calm?
To hold communion with His own,
And bear me on thine arm?

See yonder cliff, in darksome hours
With creviced rock in sight,
As though the sun in passing through
Had left a trailing light.

Thou art, O earth, a beauteous theme!
Green mantled, or in white.
With hills and vales and song of birds,
In sunlight, or in night.

We laugh and sing, aye, sing of home!
A vantage yet to be,
For surges take their backward roll
As we are nearing thee.

Quotes from poems about light

Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
Lead Thou me on,
The night is dark, and I am far from home,
Lead Thou me on,
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene; one step enough for me.

— John Henry Newman

Vain is the golden drifting
Of morning light on the hill;
No white hand opens the windows
Of those chambers low and still.

— Alice Carey

And yet I think those jeweled lights
Have meanings full as noonday sights:
For every emerald signs to me
That ship and souls are harbor near,
And every ruby rich and clear
Proclaims them bound for sea.

— John Joy Bell

pitter patter

Here are some pitter patter poems, some pitter patter art. You can click and clatter over pitter patter pix as you find the meaning of pitter patter. Enjoy!


pitter patter
by matt at shadow of iris

A season of continuous rain
pitter patter on my head;
the alarm clock doesn’t go off,
I bump my head on the door,
I cut myself shaving,
I spill a little toothpaste
   on my neck tie,
and I’ve run out of milk;
when I get into my car
   I’m low on gas
and on my way to work
the wet freeway turns into
   a vast parking lot
of people going no where
and the rain keeps falling
pitter patter
pitter patter.

pitter patter

pitter patter
by Aunt Effie

Where do you come from?
You little drops of rain,
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter,
Down the window-pane?

They won’t let me walk,
And they won’t let me play,
And they won’t let me go
Out of doors at all to-day.

They put away my playthings,
Because I broke them all;
And then they locked up all my blocks,
And took away my ball.

Tell me, little rain-drops,
Is that the way you play, —
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter,
All the rainy day?

They say I’m very naughty;
Now I’ve nothing else to do
But sit here at the window:
I should like to play with you.

The little rain-drops cannot speak;
But pitter-patter pat,
Means, We can play on this side,
Why can’t you play on that?


pitter patter
by W. S. Gilbert

We will dance a cachucha, fandango, bolero,
Old Xeres we’ll drink Manzanilla, Montero;
For wine, when it runs in abundance, enhances
The reckless delight of that wildest of dances!
To the pretty pitter-pitter-patter,
And the clitter-clitter-clitter-clatter —
Glitter clitter clatter,
Fitter pitter patter —
We will dance a cachucha, fandango, bolero,
Old Xeres we’ll drink Manzanilla, Montero;
For wine, when it runs in abundance, enhances
The reckless delight of that wildest of dances!

Oh, where the father and mother sit
There’s a drift of dead leaves at the door
Like pitter-patter of little feet
That come no more.

– Katharine Tynan Hinkson

There is thunder, there is thunder,
Hear it roar, hear it roar,
Pitter, patter, rain drops,
Pitter, patter, rain drops,
I’m all wet! I’m all wet!

– nursery rhyme

You’re an angel idiot lovey
One forgives you all this clatter
Washing dishes, beating batter.
But there is another matter
As you dream above the sink:
You’re in love pitter-patter,
With the butcher-boy, I think.
And he’ll get you, he has got you!
If he hasn’t got you yet.

– Edgar Lee Masters

Once or twice I heard a faint pitter-patter like the feet of the dog going hither and thither on the sand far below me, and there were more birdlike sounds, but that was all.
– H. G. Wells

He turned and looked out through the driving sheets of rain: wind swept, silver, torn billowing back and forth, drumming with a monotonous pitter patter on the sheet metal roof of the Volkswagon bus.
– Jon Friedman

We have a lovely view of an orange crane out of our window, and we often wake up to
the pitter patter of hammers in the hall.

– Deb Morrow

mirror, a poem

This poem, mirror, is a pantoum. I’ve also included some quotes from other poems that reflect on mirrors. Please enjoy.

mirror, a poem

Fingers hot that slip my own
Dreams that beckon reality
Whisper of a long lost moan
Fevered breath as actuality

Dreams that beckon reality
Soft skin as white as snow
Fevered breath as actuality
Blood that burns to overflow

Soft skin as white as snow
Eyes that probe ocean deep
Blood that burns to overflow
If only you were mine to keep

Eyes that probe ocean deep
Inmost mirror of my soul
If only you were mine to keep
A fall into the whole

Inmost mirror of my soul
Eyes that blink as I let go
A fall into the hole
Our song a far-off echo

Eyes that blink as I let go
Fingers hot that slip my own
Our song a far-off echo
whisper of a long lost moan

by matt at shadow of iris

mirror poem

quotes from other poems about mirrors

And moving thro’ a mirror clear
That hangs before her all the year,
Shadows of the world appear.

– Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Go, day by day, and waste thy manly prime
In mad love-yearning by the vacant brook.
Till sickly thoughts bewitch thine eyes, and thou
Behold’st her shadow still abiding there,
The Naiad of the Mirror!

– Samual Taylor Coleridge

… Oftener, heavily,
When love-lorn hours had left me less a child,
I sat contemplating the figures wild
Of o’er-head clouds melting the mirror through.

– John Keats

Know then that I was urged,
(For other impulse let it pass) was driven,
To seek for sympathy, because I saw
In you a mirror of my youthful self.

– William Wordsworth

Can those eyes,
Beaming with mildest radiance on my heart
To purify its purity, e’er bend
To soothe its vice or consecrate its fears?
Never, thou second Self! Is confidence
So vain in virtue that I learn to doubt
The mirror even of Truth?

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

What if thy deep and ample stream should be
A mirror of my heart, where she may read
The thousand thoughts I now betray to thee,
Wild as thy wave, and headlong as thy speed!

– Lord Byron

mirror poems

If you enjoyed this poem, you might also enjoy Stardust, a poem.

stardust, a poem

Stardust is not just a poem, but also a sestina. I’ve also included some stardust quotes here as well. Please enjoy.

stardust, a poem

My world teeters on decay –
my fledgling sparks of illicit lust
are flickers you say you’ll betray,
a glitter you’ll give over to dust;
pluck the stars from the night,
don’t give into fright.

There’s no need for fright
or a dash into daunted decay,
fall into the night,
all this pent up lust
don’t let it turn to dust;
love doesn’t betray.

Bogus beliefs, they betray,
they give you over into fright;
let decorum drop to dust,
let dole dignity decay,
let loose in laudable lust,
yield to the night.

Such a dark and stark night,
moonlight does not betray
what love touches and turns to lust;
angels have no need of fright
to escape a world of death decay
in swirls of celestial dust.

Oh, I choke on so much dust,
I try to breathe out the night,
the horrible stench of decay;
I swear now, I won’t betray
love that wins over fright,
respect this lust.

Life is nothing if not lust,
yet you’d let it drop into dust
turning away in fright
from what should be our night;
it’s your feelings you betray,
don’t let them decay.

There need be no fright from night,
nor lust that goes to dust,
for my love won’t betray, my love won’t decay.

by matt at shadow of iris

examples of sestina

Classic Stardust Quotes

“His verses, therefore, are rather the star-dust of poetry than the sublime thing itself. Every sentence he writes is poetical, but the whole is not a poem.”
– George Gilfillan, 1801

“As Astronomy reveals to us that the shining star-dust which decks the bosom of night, is composed of distinct orbs recognizing the same general law; but so close is their union, that all their myriad rays are blended into a beautiful cloud of gold.”
– John Davis,1816

“I knew that all that area was occupied with matter in perpetual motion, either as interstellar ether, vibrating with waves of light or electricity, or else in various stages of evolution or devolution, – star-dust transforming itself slowly into suns and planets, and these resolving finally again to star-dust.”
– John L. Stoddard, 1826

“As they become more remote, the distance or intervals between the stars diminish, the light also growing fainter; in their faintest stellar aspect, they may be compared to a handful of fine sparkling sand, or, as it is aptly termed, star-dust; and beyond this we see no stars but only a streak or patch of milky light, like the unresolved portions of our own surrounding zone.”
– J. P. Nichol, LL.D. Professor of Practical Astronomy, 1837

“They are spoken of as being formed only of star-dust! – Marvelous! What a sublime discovery! that these clouds spots, of which there are thousands, are revealed to our wandering senses to be magnificent unseen worlds!”
– William Gardiner, 1838

star dust

More Recent Stardust quotes

“You wander down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song that will not die
Love is now the stardust
Of yesterday”
Lyrics from “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael

“Even the dirt I’m sweeping up now is stardust.”
– Kate Foresyth, The Puzzle Ring

“Maybe it’s the stardust in my head.”
– Carrie Underwood, Play On

“We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”
– Joni Mitchell, Woodstock Lyrics


If you enjoyed this poem, you might also enjoy my poem, never perfect.

never perfect, a poem

This poem, “never perfect”, was intended to be a sestina, but alas, it was not perfect and does not qualify. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy.

never perfect, a poem

A sweet, faultless little world of hate,
where everyone knows you quit your dream;
it’s not an all new twist
when all you ever do is howl at the moon;
well, maybe just once, it’ll fall out of place,
but don’t count on it, life’s perfect.

The sweet, charming world God made perfect;
only the ugly deserve our hate
in this pristine sterilized dream
smoothed and cleansed of every twist;
don’t like your neighbor? Just send him to the moon,
tell him it’s all new place.

You never did like our place,
you thought our love was yours to perfect;
you brought it all upon yourself, this hate;
you took a Procrustean bed, and fit in every dream
until it was so tight, you couldn’t even give it a twist;
it’s time to wrap it up and send it to the moon.

The sky never changes, except for the moon;
you say you’ve wandered from place to place
and known along, I was never pretty perfect,
but then why did you give me all that hate;
I never wanted to take away your dream
just to give it an all new twist.

So let’s go ahead and give it that twist;
you may have the sky but I have the moon
and it’s never too late for a rest in place,
so let your soft eyes fall from what’s perfect,
it’s time to let go of those pools of hate,
time to give up just a bit of that dream.

Remember when we had our very own dream,
now here it goes, just a knife with a twist
to sweep us up by a brand new moon;
we can’t stay forever in a place
where we know we’ll never be perfect,
where we know it’ll just be hate.

Such a primal place, such a hoary hate;
it’s a new moon, it’s an old dream;
never perfect, it’ll have just a twist.

by matt at shadow of iris

never perfect

“never perfect” quotes

The angels can become better and better ad infinitum; that is, to eternity, but never perfect.
– Emanuel Swedenborg

Observations are never perfect.
– William Whewell

What is not natural is never perfect.
– Frédéric Lullin de Châteauvieux

Now, just as silence is never perfect or deep without motion, solitude is never perfect without some vestige of life.
– Kata Phusin

Equilibrium and stability are never perfect. Permanent social equilibrium would be social stagnation and decay.
– Joseph Le Conte

Man can never perfect himself, so long as he makes his own perfection the end of his exertions.
– Orestes Augustus Brownson

Art is never perfect, and nature is inexhaustible.
– J. D. Michaelis

They are seldom or never perfect, and still more seldom in a clean condition.
– Thomas Frognall Dibdin

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