Poems About Fools

Here are some poems about fools. You’ll find foolish poems, silly sonnets, and baffling ballads. Enjoy! Fool’s Rush, a poem by Emma Blue I’m often near to being right, but I’m always wrong. These are distinctions clouded by love. There’s nothing subtle here, just me. I’m a law of nature, in and of itself rushing […]

Flirting Poems

And flirts with the spray like a sea-skimming gull;
She laughs at the winds — whose revels are music.
— W. S. Fortey

Poems about believing

Believe the muse, the wintry blast of death
Kills not the buds of virtue; no, they spread,
Beneath the heavenly beams of brighter suns,
Thro’ endless ages, into higher powers.
— James Thomson

word poems

Here are some word poems. You’ll find expressive epics and terse verse. Enjoy! Words and eggs must be handled with care. Once broken they are impossible things to repair. — Anne Sexton Words, a poem by Kotoba Words on a stealth expedition searching for a way out. If I could write words Like leaves on […]

Kissing Poems

How delicious is the winning
Of a kiss at Love’s beginning,
When two mutual hearts are singing
For the Knot there’s no untying!
— Thomas Campbell

poems about darkness

Some poems about darkness … That Consuming Darkness by Tamara Knight Naturally, I dwell. The waking world is the dream; dreamtime is the waking. Spells and gates grant me access to a place beyond physical travel. Expand my wishes, drag me apart into my own shadows— that consuming darkness always promised never delivered. Goblins and […]

Money Poems

Here we present for you some really wonderful money poems. We hope they delight you. Broken Meter, a poem by Justin Thyme The long solid piece of wood fell ten stories straight down from the scaffolding at the new highrise and by some miracle despite the crowded sidewalk it didn’t hit anyone instead as if […]

Good Night Poems

Here are some really wonderful good night poems, may you rest in rhymes and sleep in sonnets. Enjoy! Good Night My Love, a poem by Marya Ophir Good night and good bye, God knows, I’ve cried enough for you, fought all my life to keep you happy! Let chance take its shots, you left me […]

Mirror Poem

This poem, mirror, is a pantoum. I’ve also included some quotes from other poems that reflect on mirrors. Please enjoy. mirror, a poem by Justin Thyme Fingers hot that slip my own Dreams that beckon reality Whisper of a long lost moan Fevered breath as actuality Dreams that beckon reality Soft skin as white as […]

Stardust Poem

Stardust is not just a poem, but also a sestina. I’ve also included some stardust quotes here as well. Please enjoy. stardust, a poem My world teeters on decay – my fledgling sparks of illicit lust are flickers you say you’ll betray, a glitter you’ll give over to dust; pluck the stars from the night, […]

Villanelle Poems

Villanelle poems are more appropriately called villanelles for a villanelle poem is a redundancy. – anonymous He then speaks of composition, and asks his friend who could possibly bear the villanelle, or ballads of forty or fifty years ago? Which now seem both in regard to words and music, the production of some strolling, blind […]

Twilight Poems

photo by Christian Mehführer at fotopedia twilight poem i Meek twilight hurry across this earthly ball, fling your pale shadowy robe — I’ll stray through tangled trees, where no rude sounds dare linger, I’ll hear from the dewy spray the sounds of Philomela, her sweet, melancholy song played to the cadence of a dying saint. […]

Anxiety Poems

Earth in beauty dressed
Awaits returning spring.
All true love must die,
Alter at the best
Into some lesser thing.
Prove that I lie.

Monkey Poem

A monkey poem for you, as well as, some quotes from other great monkey poems. Please enjoy. Monkey, a poem by Amanda Lynn To the delight of all the children the monkey came out of no where dashed across the playground swiftly climbed to the top of the monkey bars jumped from there to an […]

Melun Diptych, a poem

They asked him to paint the virgin Mary along with her small child instead he painted the king’s lover on a throne, she’d never have with an heir, she’d never bear. She sits there calmly on the Queen’s chair, a jewel encrusted crown upon her hair plucked forehead and an ermine-lined cloak resting gently upon […]

Can beauty evolve from sin?

Unlike traditional poetry that relied on the serene beauty of the natural world to convey emotions, Baudelaire felt that modern poetry must evoke the artificial and paradoxical aspects of life. He thought that beauty could evolve on its own, irrespective of nature and even fueled by sin. This analysis of Baudelaire’s poetry from SparkNotes is […]

Waiting Poems

Here are some waiting poems. You’ll find lingering lyrics, hanging rhymes, ballads that bide their time. Enjoy! Waiting for her Prince, a poem by Hold On Over the place where she had been buried as per her request, they’d placed a marble statue of her former self in a restful sleep her hands placed gently […]

Bee Poem

Here is a poem about a bee. What could be more fun than that! The Long Slender Bee, a poem by Emma Blue Beauty and danger float entwined but when did you ever give it a proper mind. Slender long delicate wings, easily broken; a long fragile body, each segment held together as if by […]

Dragon Poem

When the ice dragon opened its great mouth, and exhaled,
it was not fire that came streaming out,
the burning sulfurous stink of lesser dragons.
The ice dragon breathed cold.
— George R. R. Martin

Poems about Beauty

Beautiful faces are those that wear—
It matters little if dark or fair—
Whole-souled honesty printed there.
— Ellen P. Allerton