Fate Poems

Two poems of fate, the first reflective of an 19th century women’s impression of God, both beautiful and frightening – shivers! Fate poems for you …

power poem
The Hostile Fates by Gustav Klimt

Fate, a poem

by Myra Douglas [edited]

Even at our birth exists a mighty fate,
That rules our life as with a sceptre grand.
No will of ours can stay his stern command,
Nor change one jot decrees of day or date,
That mark for us the limit of our breath,
And tells the time thy summons comes, O death.

We may forget his eye is ever stern;
Unyielding, firm, his mandates ever remain;
No softening pity harbor can obtain,
While life and all its pleasures through us burn,
We may forget, but ever close and near
That fate exists, so cold, so dark and drear.

At times the sun may shine upon his face,
And wake a light of splendor and of joy,
While happiness a time our hours employ.
That darker days and sorrows may efface.
But ah! as stern as ever he was before,
That fate remains till life for us is over.

That though we kneel, and lifting hands to Heaven,
Do plead in prayer for mercies for our soul,
And helping hands to lead us to the goal,
Where peace awaits the hearts by sorrow riven,
Yet adamantine doth that fate remain,
As firm and cold, unpitying all our pain.

O great fate! unheeding all our will,
Who rules the world with cold, unfeeling rod,
Though cold vicegerent of a pardoning God,
Our hearts with calm submission wilt thou fill,
Till at the last life’s wearied race is run,
The heart exclaims in peace, Thy will be done.

The Cruelty of Fate, a poem

by Charles A. M. Taber

O stern fate! what cruel power
You exercise against the life of man!
How many conquered souls before you cower;
With what persistency you crush each plan!
It’s hard to have our tenement of clay
Besieged by such relentless, cruel force!
Our minds are starved by your consuming sway,
And lives cut off from every rich resource;
Our time is taxed by a continued war,
So that our souls to poverty are doomed,
E’en genius cannot always break your law;
To such as those there is a double gloom,
Because they know so much they could enjoy,
Did you not constant give them mean employ.

fate poem
The Sinner by JEURO85 at deviantART

Fate – select quotes

Oh, thoughtless mortals ! ever blind to fate,
Too soon dejected, and too soon elate!

– Alexander Pope

What fate imposes, men must needs abide ;
It boots not to resist both wind and tide.

– William Shakspeare

Alas! What stay is there in human state,
Or who can shun inevitable fate?
The doom was written, the decree was past,
Ere the foundations of the world were cast.

– John Dryden

We are the victims of its iron rule,
The warm and beating human heart its tool;
And man, immortal, god-like, but its fool.

– Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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