Poems about Youth

Here are some poems about youth. You’ll find blooming ballads and springtime sonnets. Enjoy!

Youth Art Project by Albert Herring

My Youth Has Flown, a poem

by Emma Thompson

Age is my own!
My youth has flown
Like a bird upon the wing —
A sad farewell,
A broken shell
For my harp has lost a string.

Borne down life’s stream
Swift as a dream,
Disturbing the sleeper’s rest,
Where does it fleet
The dream so sweet
That scarcely touched my breast?

It passed me by!
A long-drawn sigh
Escapes with sorrowing strain,
Will it return?
Sadly I yearn
To dwell on its charm again.

It floated away
Like rays of day,
And will come to me no more;
A pathless track.
It ne’er comes back —
My season of youth is o’er.

The Voyage of Life: Youth by Thomas Cole

Memory of Youth, a poem

by Thomas Sloss Turner

How oft we roved among the hills
With spirits wild with glee,
And wandered down meandering rills
Or o’er the verdant lea;

Or roamed among the forest trees
In autumn’s beauteous day,
And sought the cool, refreshing breeze
Among the leaves at play.

Ah, me! those days of youth so fair
Were like a dream complete;
A time more sweet, a day so dear,
I ne’er again expect to meet.

Go, roam o’er earth, through pleasure’s halls,
But naught so sweet I ween
Across your path so brightly falls
As that which once hath been.

Youth with Dogs by Titian

The Glamor of Youth, a poem

by Jessie W. Manning

What is so fair, so fair —
In all this world of care —
So fair as youth?
Youth with its rhyme and chime.
Faith in grand things sublime,
Hope for great deeds in time,
Yearnings for truth.

Ah, how the golden haze
Flushes the fleeting days!
Dreams and romance
Flood with a grace divine
All common things or fine;
Turn water into wine —
Walk into dance.

Nature’s sweet grace is wrought
On every ardent thought,
Impulse and aim.
Not yet has caution chilled —
Not yet has passion thrilled —
Not yet despair has filled
Youth’s heart of flame;

Pulsing with prescient beat
To the advancing feet
Of life’s events;
Eager for strife to come —
Forecasting triumph’s sun —
Knowing no fear to numb
Youth’s sanguine sense.

All promise molded there,
Folded in youth so fair —
Youth in its purity.
What will the sequel tell?
Will it prove ill or well?
How will the promise swell
In the futurity?

A Youth Relating Tales to Ladies by Simeon Solomon

Youth’s Dying, a poem

by Mary Coleridge

Die, Youth, die, there are none to lament thee,
Those that have loved thee, think thee living yet.
Hues as of life their blind love hath lent thee.
Ah, they forget !

Well hast thou fought, yea, mightily hast striven;
Those that have loved thee shall not know how hard
Earth bore thee down, and Hell and highest Heaven,
Wounded and scarred.

Die, Youth, die, for I cannot bear thy dying!
Life’s Death-in-Life, and Death is all in all.
See the dead leaves from the barren trees are flying,
Hark, the winds call!

Quotes from Poems about Youth

Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth,
To some good angel leave the rest;
For Time will teach thee soon the truth,
There are no birds in last year’s nest!

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I shall grow calm in a little while,
But now, youth yearns in me to laugh;
Cruel as cinematograph
I show life up to you … and smile.

— Conrad Aiken

Youth is wasted on the young.
― Oscar Wilde

When forty winters shall besiege your brow,
And dig deep trenches in thy beauty’s field,
Thy youth’s proud livery, so gazed on now,
Will be a tatter’d weed, of small worth held

― William Shakespeare

You are only young once,
but you can stay immature indefinitely.

― Ogden Nash

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