rabbit, a poem

She looked as if
she believed it was going to be all right,
even if the worst were to happen.

The magician’s hat begins to attract things,
light things at first, napkins and loose brooches;
but soon hats and canes, then chairs and tables;
and finally people start to be sucked into it
until there is no one left in the room at all
not even the magician.

She looked as if
she hid deep inside
and only pretended
not to be ashamed
of all that she was
and all that she wasn’t.

A rabbit with long ears
that flop in front of its eyes;
innocence hardwired
into chains of deoxyribonucleic acid
that spiral and twist back to a time
where none of us know any better.

She looked as if
she loved you
the way you were.

by matt at shadow of iris

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