shadow visit, a poem

shadow visit, a poem

Faintly glowing
this shadow from my dreams
now in my room
dancing across my walls
and out the window
across the yard
and down the drive way
into the street
pausing for a moment
under a street lamp
to take a bow
then disappearing
into the shade.

by matt at shadow of iris

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“I did not undeceive them, and tendering my thanks left the club and went to my hotel. I drew but one inference from the Shadow’s visit — my foe was dead.”
- C. G. H. Teniswood, M.A., LL.M.

“Then trembled he for the fate of those lovely stars, which before this he had seen to fade away from the blue expanse; for joining in his sorrow their dimming with the darkness of these latter, he considered a ceasing to shine to be some punishment sent upon worlds for sin, and he thought at that moment of his own much loved dead, and fear took possession of him, lest the pale shadow visit human homes in anger, and for wrathful judgment carries away into the unseen, those that he removes Arom the dear converse of their friends.”
- A Dreamer

Hamburg Street Dance

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