Sorry Poem

Here is my very own sorry poem, and then many poetic quotes concerning sorry.

sorry poem

Sorry Poem

How happy to meet, how sorry to part.
– Adam Anderson

Sorry, a poem

The war went on
violent and bloody, sad and wily,
and she was lost
out there
some where in it
and each moment,
each tick of the clock,
I thought of her –
I thought of the argument we’d had
before she’d gone out the door.

Some day I hope, I pray,
I will see her again
and if I do
so help me God
I will tell her
I am sorry.

by matt at shadow of iris

poem about sorry

Sorry, poetic quotes

Arabella: Why must I be sorry?
Evergreen: Because I am going to leave you. When you are my Wife, you must be sorry always in my absence, and glad in my presence.
– Hannah Crowley

Nature and sorrow and tenderness are the true genius of such things; and something of these I find in several parts of it … poetical ornaments are foreign to the purpose, for they only show a man is not sorry – and devotion worse; for it teaches him that he ought not to be sorry, which is all the pleasure of the thing.
–Samuel Johnson

Recanting goodness, sorry ere ’tis shown:
But where there is true friendship, there needs

– William Shakespeare

I hope you enjoyed this poem, I’d be sorry if you didn’t! If you enjoy strange stories, you might also like Sun Symbol.

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