thunder poems

Here are some poems about thunder. You’ll find some rumbling rhymes and booming ballads. Enjoy!

thunder poems
Silent Thunder by Eyvind Earle

Thunder, a poem

by Julia Wood

The night is dark and full of storms,
Thunder rolls most deep and loud,
Fierce lightening leaps from cloud to cloud
Displaying strange weirdly forms.

My soul is full of wild unrest;
True memory a gate doth ope,
Revealing down a shaded slope,
A scene that in my life is pressed,

I had a noble, fair-haired boy;
Like every first-born did he grow,
The dearest idol earth can know,
A constant, precious, untold joy.

When darkened o’er the Heavens light,
With thunder-clouds all dark and stern,
And vivid lightening- ‘gan to burn
Its imagery in the frightened sky:

When all our smiles with fear were laid,
And whispers took of words the place,
He lifted up his fair young- face,
And said, O, Willie’s not afraid.

Four years ago, this sad, sad night,
The storm raged fierce and wild,
Within my heart more fierce and wild,
A bitterer storm put out the light.

My boy was stricken in an hour;
Convulsed with torture was bis brain;
Our prayers, our tears, all, all were vain —
Death claimed my blossoming flower.

The thunder o’er us solemn stole
I knelt beside his cold, white form,
And thought how never had the storm
Brought terror to his dauntless soul.

And that as his dear feet should near
The fearful waves of death’s dark river,
His sweetest lips should know no quiver,
As said he, Willie doth not fear.

Nor would be journey far alone,
But, loving, clasp the Savior’s hand,
Till his pure soul should spotless stand,
And calm, before the great white Throne.

Thus Peace stole to me in that hour;
But O, how oft, how oft since then,
In doubt and agony and pain,
I miss and mourn my perished flower.

O, thou who read these lines of mine,
Forgive the tears that in them melt;
Perhaps it has been thine to have knelt
Before some broken, earthly shrine;

To have wept thine idol lying low;
O let us gather Hope and Faith,
That shall be stronger even than Death,
Triumphant over every woe.

Quotes from poems about thunder

While e’er and anon with sullen zest
Deep thunders muttered far down the west,
Soon ill frenzy a tornado broke
Like a bolt of madness from nature’s yoke;
The wrestling elements roared and clashed,
The thunders bellowed, the lightnings flashed,
the angry winds with clamor tore —

– Homer Potter Branch

The storm howl’d madly o’er the sea,
The clouds their thunder anthems sang,
And billows, rolling fearfully,
In concert with the whirlwind rang.

– J. N. Maffit

So do the winds and thunder cleanse the air,
So working bees settle and purge the wine
So lopped and pruned trees do flourish fair
So doth the fire the drossy gold refine.

– Edmund Spenser

O that my tongue were in the thunder’s mouth!
Then with a passion would I shake the world.

– William Shakespeare

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